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Prof. Karine Doan

Karine Doan, Associate Professor, Haute école de gestion Arc (HEG Arc). Karine has 10 years of professional experience in supply chain management (SCM) in international companies. She worked in the procurement department at Autodesk. She then joined Johnson & Johnson where she was responsible for the end-to-end supply chain for disinfection and sterilization products for healthcare industry. Since 2014, she is a professor and researcher in SCM at HEG Arc. In addition to the classes for Bachelor students, she is responsible for the SCM specialization at HEG Arc, which is unique among the UAS in Switzerland. She has also led several research projects – short food supply chain, smart contracts in supply chain, smart supply chain & best practices in SCM in times of COVID-19 in collaboration with the Samara State University of Economics (RU) – and organized events in this field. In addition, Karine is currently working on an Innosuisse project on supply chain optimization in the hospital sector.